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First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg, CA

Cheryl Finch, Interim Pastor
Sid Long, Newsletter Roger Thornburn, Webmaster
Special Issue
Purpose and Mission Statement First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg
Spreading God’s Love Through Jesus Christ
“As Christians, we warmly embrace our congregation and community, believing that all people are the children of God, and that God’s house is for all people.
As a church, we are an anchor in life’s storms, offering safe haven through God, His Son Jesus and the
Holy spirit, who give us hope, grace, healing, peace and endless love.”
Adopted October, 2012

•Clerk’s Report: December Attendance 308, Communion 58,
Christmas Eve 64
•Erika Island indicated she would help with teaching Sunday School.
• The church was broken into. Fireside Room TV was taken as well as gift cards and money from Little Lambs locked cupboard and one plane in a a double pane window into the church office was broken
• Re-keying the exterior doors for the church will be tabled until Ian Sanderson can look into the cost and uproot back to Session.
• Community Thanksgiving Dinner served just over 650 meals, most of which were delivered.
• Trustees were elected for the class of 2020.
• Presbytery will meet February 9th at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa .
• Deacons will be represented at Session meetings on a rotating basis. Marsha Robinson was the first rep.
• The special task force and Little Lambs Board met in January and will continue to meet to cover concerns from both groups to create a “Memo of Understanding”.
The annual meeting of the congregation as well as the Ordination and Installation of new Officers will be January 28th. Installation and Ordination will be during worship with Elder 2020: Leo Lanigan, Larry Robinson, and Ian Sanderson (2nd term) Deacons 2020: Marsha Robinson (2nd term) and Printha Worthen (2nd term) And to fill an unexpired
1 yr term in the class of 2018: Cindi Hood
The meeting will follow worship to receive the annual
report. And…after the meeting everyone will gather for a
potluck lunch down in the social hall!

from Lori Cole & the Robinsons

As the session completes the mission study and visioning the early part of this year, it is time to start thinking about the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). These are the folks who will be elected by you, the congregation, to search for our next installed pastor. So be thinking about who you might want to see fill this very important role. Sometime soon a box will appear at church asking for nominations for the PNC. The church Nominating Committee will then take those nominations and prayerfully begin putting together a slate
of folks to serve. Once they have a slate of folks willing to serve, a special congregational meeting will be held for the congregation to elect the PNC. Here are some things to look for when considering who you might like to nominate:
BALANCE: The committee should be representative of the congregation and should contain both old and new members, both men and women, all ages, and stages in life. At this point and time our polity mandates that they also be a member.
THOUGHTFULNESS: PNC members need to be able to listen to a variety of thoughts and opinions, have an ear for the congregation, and sometimes set aside their own opinions and prejudices for the interests of the congregation and the future of the church as a whole. These folks also need to be confident in their own ability to sift through and process information.
CONFIDENTIALITY: This is a big one. Folks on the PNC must be able to keep confidentiality. Much of what they do they won’t be able to share right away, even and especially with their spouses, best friends or children. Names of those with whom they are in contact as potential candidates must be kept in strictest confidence. They ARE able and WILL tell you where they are in the process however. And your interim can always answer process questions for you.
TIME COMMITMENT: be willing to give a few hours EVERY WEEK to the process. There is a lot of meeting, reading, interviewing, discerning and praying and this is a team that does this TOGETHER.
Volunteers are being requested to close and secure the church on a rotating basis. The more volunteers, the fewer Sundays each will be responsible for.
Duties will be:
• close and lock all doors in the sanctuary and interior building including usher closet and two outside exit doors
• make sure crash bars are latched on all exterior doors
• close any open windows including those in classrooms
• turn lights off except security lights in the hall
• turn furnaces off
• set alarm

Easter Sunday is April 1st this year, so Lent is just around the corner. The Worship Committee and Deacons are planning Wednesday evening Lenten services at 6:00 p.m.
Food and Setup
February 21: Deacons
February 28: Worship
March 7: Deacons
Marcy 14: Worship
March 21: Together, Deacons & Worship
Further information will be available in the March/April newsletter!

On the following two pages are the By-Laws of our church. Most of us have not read them before, or if we have, we’ve forgotten them. So, as we search for a new pastor, here’s a chance to think about the rules and regulations which govern our congregation. We are also governed by the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg, CA
November 12, 2017
1. The First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg, California, being a particular congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) recognizes that the constitution of the said church, is in all its provisions, obligatory upon it and its members.
2. There shall be an annual meeting of the congregation in the church edifice during the month of January or February for the transaction of any business properly coming before such meeting.
3. Special meetings may be called by the session or the presbytery. Such calls shall state clearly the purpose of such special meetings, and no other matter save that specified in the call may be considered.
4. Public notice of the time, place, and purpose of all meetings of the congregation shall be given from the pulpit on the two Sundays next preceding the meeting.
5. The pastor shall preside at meetings of the congregation. If the church is vacant the moderator of the session appointed by the presbytery shall preside. If it is impractical for the pastor or the moderator appointed by the presbytery to preside he or she shall invite, with the concurrence of the session, another minister of the Presbytery of the Redwoods to preside.
6. The clerk of the session shall be secretary of the meetings of the congregation. If the clerk is unable to attend, the congregation shall elect a secretary.
7. Eligible voters shall be active members in good standing as defined by usages and rules of the Presbyterian Church (USA), regardless of age.
8. As required by the State of California, only members of full age shall be eligible to vote on questions dealing with the property and matters that are strictly the business of the corporation. Otherwise, all active members of the church are eligible to vote at all stated and special meetings of the church. Voting by proxy is not allowed.
9. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules adopted by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as far as they apply, and when they do not apply, according to usual legislative rules of order.
10. All meetings are opened and closed with prayer.
11. A quorum for a congregational meeting shall consist of the moderator, secretary, and ten percent (10%) of the members on the active roll.
12. There shall be nine elders on the session, divided into three classes, one class of whom shall be elected each year at the annual congregational meeting for a three year term.
13. Of each new class of elders elected, two shall be designated by the nominating committee and elected by the congregation to be trustees, for a term of three (3) years. A trustee who has served
By-Laws Page 1 of 2
one full, or partial, three year term is eligible to be nominated for a second term if he or she is a nominee for a second term on the session. After two consecutive full or partial terms as a trustee he or she is ineligible until at least one year has passed, and until he or she has been nominated to serve on the session again.
14. There shall be seven deacons divided into three classes, one class of whom shall be elected each year at the annual meeting for a three year term.
15. No elder or deacon shall be elected to serve on a board for a term of more than three years, nor shall an elder or deacon serve for consecutive terms, either full or partial, aggregating more than six years. An elder or deacon having served a total of six years shall be ineligible for reelection to the same board for a period of at least one year.
16. Vacancies on the session or the board of deacons may be filled at a special meeting of the congregation or at the annual meeting, as the session may determine.
17. The trustees elected by the congregation shall elect from along their number a president. The clerk of session shall serve as the secretary of the board of trustees. The trustees shall have the following powers: to receive, hold, encumber, manage, and transfer property, real or personal, for the church; to hold and defend title to such; to manage any permanent special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of the church, all subject to the authority of the session and under the provisions of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), provided further that in buying, selling, and mortgaging real property, the trustees shall act only after the approval of the congregation granted in a duly constituted meeting.
18. The treasurer of the church shall be elected annually by the session.
19. The quorum for the session shall be the moderator and four (4) of the members, except for the reception or dismissal of members when the quorum shall be the moderator and two (2) members of the session. A quorum for the transaction of business by the trustees shall be a majority of the trustees then in office, including the president.
20. The quorum for the board of deacons shall be the president and three (3) of the members.
21. There shall be a representative nominating committee. It shall consist of two elders chosen by the session, one of whom is an active elder who shall be the chair of the committee, one member chosen by the board of deacons nominated from the floor and elected by December 31. It shall serve until another committee is elected at the following annual meeting. No person shall serve on the nominating committee for more than three consecutive years. This committee shall bring to the annual meeting nominations of one eligible person only for each office to be filled. Additional nominations of qualified persons may be made from the floor by any eligible voter.
22. These by-laws may be amended subject to the charter of the corporation, the laws of the State of California, and the Constitution of the Presbyterian church (USA) at any annual meeting or at any special meeting by a two thirds (2/3) vote.
23. These by-laws or the charter of this corporation may not be amended contrary to or so as not to include the provisions of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
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