Learning about others

On January 21, we will be meeting at the church at 1:00 to car pool it to the Buddhist Meeting place.  There Cindy Huffman will give us a tour of their meeting place and how they worship.  After the meeting with Cindy we will cross the field to Colleen’s for refreshments.  Please sign up if you plan on attending.


February 4, 2016  “The Wonderful World of Succulents”   Want to grow some different plants from the tiny ones to the giants.  The succulent store on highway 20 will be with us to teach about the world of succulents.  In these drought conditions this is the type of greenery we should have in our yards they don’t need many drinks.


February 18, 2016 The First Baptist Church will be hosting the Christian Women’s Luncheon at their church. corner of Pine and Franklin, at 12:00.  Everyone brings a salad.  They will provide the dessert and a program.